Tech Tools for Instructional Coaches

The #educoach chat on August 31, 2011 generate a wide variety to tech tools that have been useful to coaches. Feel free to add ideas to this page for easy reference.

Tech Tool
Explanation of Tool
How have you used the tool as a coach?
Other information about the tool?
Easy Scheduler. FREE
Have you ever tried to arrange a common
meeting time amongst a group of people
only to be inundated with emails as to
who can meet when? Doodle solves that
problem. Set up the schedule, send out the
link and participants indicated when they
are available. At a glance you can determine
a common meeting time that fits into a variety
of schedules!

About Me
A quick one-page explanation
of self
I have an about me set up for my networking/
job hunting. I think I'll set one up for a one-page
for coaching.
My job hunting example:
A list and examples of many tools our coaches have used
Last year we were part of PLP (Powerful Learning Practice) As we learned/ used new web 2.0 tools we shared in this wiki.
More check out the Glogster we created to share our work of 'Examining the Efficacy of Professional Development' in our school division.
A scheduling tool.
I have used it to share my availability or schedule with teachers.
There is an iPhone and Blackberry App for this tool. It also syncs with Outlook and Google calendars.