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Chapter 2 of:
Unmistakable Impact: A Partnership Approach for
Dramatically Improving Instruction
This chapter described the Instructional
Coaching process used by Jim Knight
and colleagues.

Michelle recently shared an example of a Coaching
Menu during at #educoach chat.
A Coaching Menu

**Feel free to use, but please credit where it is from.
@ susanmuir70
Susan recently shared her "One Page Introduction"
of Formal Coaching during at #educoach chat.
Formal Coaching

Scott recently shared this example of a
Coaching Request Form

Kendra recently shared this example of a
Request for Coaching Form

@ susanmuir70
Susan recenlty shared this example of her
Coaching Schedule.

A Web 2.0 Tool called:
FlipSnack was used. It is FREE.
FlipSnack can convert your digital
publications into stylish and interactive
flipping books.

Monthly coaching log

This is a log that I have used for the past year. It enables me to reflect where I spend my time. I hand in thismonthly log to my superintendent along with a daily journal.

Bobbie shared this example of a coaches menu given to her by Cindy Harrison who wrote Taking the Lead!

Weekly Instructional Coaching Log

This is a log I made just for me so I can "see" where I'm spending my time and what areas I'm at more than others. I took parts of @susanmuir70 log. This does not calculate time. You can print it off and use it too for those if you that like to hand write notes. Hope you can use it!

1st agenda of the coaching cycle

2nd week agenda from coaching cycle

and yet another agenda from the coaching cycle


Guided reading Boot Camp Flyer

@ susanmuir70
A day in the life of a K 4 math coach
A video that shows what a day in the life of a K-4 math coach is like.


Pivot table to keep track of coaching. Has ability to keep names confidential.
I love this, so simple to use to keep coaching data.

Google Form - Coaching Options from menu
My 2011-2012 coaching menu to get teachers to ask for assistance.


Free Compliments
(can't take full credit, took the idea from something similar I found on pineterest)
I plan to put this up in the teacher's lounge or front office at my schools. I plan on not telling people that I put it up. I could see this also having teachers put one up each week in their classrooms.
Learning Walks - Considerations and then Discussion topics for Administrative teams

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1st page - discussion, 2nd page was initial explanation/considerations and 3rd is question for planning.
We are using this with our Administrator Academy where we have an ewalk template for Fisher's Gradual Release of Responsibilty: Focus Lesson, Guided Instruction, Productive Group Work and Independent.
The Secrets of Coaching Difficult Districts
Powerpoint from Lucy West's session at NCSM
contains the "secrets of coaching"
Key Strategies for Having Crucial Conversations
Powerpoint from Lucy West's session at NCSM

Pinterest board on Instructional Coaching
Lots of resources from a variety of people, blogs, etc.