Resources for Measuring Impact

How can instructional coaches keep track of who they are working with, progress, and how they are making an impact? Let's share ideas!

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Sue Woodruff
(Recently tweeted by Jim Knight and Kathy Perret)
"The Instructional Coaching Scale is designed to help instructional coaches and
professional developers measure the impact of their coaching on the teachers
with whom they interact. It is not intended to measure teacher implementation,
but rather the effects that an instructional coach or some other person working
in a close 1:1 capacity with teachers whose job it is to facilitate change in
instructional practice." (S. Woodruff)
PDF File can be found here.
Sue has shared an excel file
with me to use in conjunction
with this tool. I will contact
her to see if it is okay to share
on this Wiki. This tool is a great
reflective tool for an instructional
coach. ~ @KathyPerret

Scott recently shared an idea for gathering information from teachers
that have been involve with him in the coaching process in order to measure
his own impact.
Copy of Coaching Feedback Form

Pivot Table-Hopefully formulas transfer. You need to copy formula from teacher letter above and paste into current cell on log page.

Hope it works upon upload.